PlanAhead Website

Last year, Gap Foundation approached me to design a website for the new open source version of their PlanAhead program for high school teachers and students.

PlanAhead was created in 2007 in partnership with the San Francisco Unified School district. The program is a set of modular curriculum designed to get high school kids thinking about life after high school. The program has proved successful—after taking the course, 79% of students in San Francisco had an increased desire to graduate from high school, and 78% had an improved understanding of the skills and knowledge required to succeed in college and beyond.

Earlier this year, the program went to an open source model, meaning that it is now available to teachers around the United States, not just in San Francisco. With this shift, a new web presence was needed. I worked closely with both Gap Foundation and their non-profit partner, The Pearson Foundation, to create a website that spoke to the program’s new structure, and made it easy for teachers to learn about—and download—the curriculum.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, or are a high school educator interested in implementing the program in your school, visit the PlanAhead website for more information.

Images under construction—coming soon.