Oracle Cloud Strategy Sales Toolkit

I worked with the Oracle Cloud leadership team to craft their messaging for company executives and sales people around the globe. Oracle is leading the charge in moving business operations to the cloud, and they’re faced with an ever-growing fleet of competitors who are eager to nip at their heels and take down Goliath.

The challenge from the outset was that Oracle is a huge company—$30 billion+ in annual revenue to be exact—and they have a plethora of extremely complex and technical messages to convey to potential buyers. The stakes are high and every customer has different needs. But while the details are important once a customer is engaged in the sales cycle, they needed a tool that conveyed the high level strategy behind moving to the cloud, and why Oracle is the way to get there.

To kick things off, I sat down with senior leaders to discuss how we could create a useful, flexible, and fool-proof tool for sales people in the field to use when pitching to senior executives. Over the course of two days we took a very complex set of ideas (Post-it notes everywhere!) and distilled them down to a set of simple, concise presentation outlines that everyone agreed was a totally new way of talking about their product.

From there I took the outline we crafted during our two days together, and created a visual storyboard that brought our ideas to life. I can’t share the finished product because of confidentiality agreements, but I can say that the presentation was a fresh take on the Oracle branding and in line with info graphics the company has produced for a variety of other purposes.





I assembled a team of illustrators and animators to make sure every chart, fact and graphic conveyed its message with bold simplicity. The final presentations were created with the dynamic zooming tool, Prezi and delivered PPT and iPad specific versions as well. I also helped the Oracle team create training materials for the field on how to deliver the materials most effectively.

What’s more, as a supplement to the presentations I designed and produced a deck of 40 product feature cards to assist the sales team in crafting the perfect message tailored to individual prospects.

The final Prezi was first delivered by senior executives to a large audience at the Oracle User Group conference in Dallas on June 12. As one sales person said, “this is a game changer for our team.”

Over the coming months, I’ll be assisting the team in rolling out the tools to the entire global sales force.