Motor Arzt Brand Identity

I developed the brand identity for Motor Arzt, a European auto repair shop in San Francisco. Motor Arzt is German for car doctor, and the owner has an affinity for European autos. I wanted the identity to be simple, bold and have a minimalist German feel. The entire identity is built around the color orange and bold, black type.

I was also inspired by business cards that my father had when I was five years old. Their simplicity really stuck with me and I have wanted to re-create them for some time. This was the perfect opportunity to resurrect the idea.

I also helped Carl create a simple web page and establish a Facebook presence and have since expanded the identity to shop signage, flyers, and other marketing materials.



motorarzt_mockups motorarzt_sign_585 ma_carl_2 Motor-Arzt-3 Motor-Arzt-1 Motor-Arzt-2