Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Wanting to avoid traditional and stuffy wedding invitations, my friends instead asked me to design a set of coasters to send out to their friends and family.

The set features three letterpressed coasters tied together with striped twine, a more formal square invitation that’s also letterpressed, and two envelopes.

The wedding was in New Orleans (which happens to be my second favorite U.S. city after San Francisco) so I had a lot of inspiration to draw from. I had so much fun playing with different line designs, most of which I hand drew before transferring to digital form. To save on printing costs, I had rubber stamps created for the return addresses on the envelopes. And I even designed a custom postage stamp for the outer envelope to complete the look.

Mark-+-Dani-Invites-1 Mark-+-Dani-Invites-3 Mark-+-Dani-Invites-4