Gap Inc. GPS Program Identity and Global Rollout

I was tapped by a special executive team at Gap Inc. to create the look and feel for a new company-wide talent management initiative called GPS (Grow. Perform. Succeed.). The initiative marked the end of a deeply engrained (and often disliked) corporate culture centered around yearly performance reviews and subsequent bonus payouts for employees. GPS marks the beginning of a much more fluid employee/manager relationship where goals are assessed mid-stream and course corrections can be made on the spot. The end result is a nimble company that adapts to changing business needs, and employees who are in closer communication with their managers and therefore more accountable for achieving their goals.

I worked closely with a small executive task team to design the look and feel for the program, which borrows elements from the world of maps and actual GPS systems. The program consists of four main areas highlighted at different points of the year, so I developed a bold icon/color system for each area, so the program can be communicated piecemeal as needed, or as a whole.

Design elements were delivered throughout the rollout phase, first targeting small groups of senior executives and company directors, then flowing down to managers of others, and eventually thousands of headquarters and upper field employees around the world.

Deliverables included digital presentation templates, web concepts and graphics (for the company-wide intranet, GapWeb), several different printed brochures in an array of Western and Eastern languages, and environmental collateral for the company-wide global launch, which included posters, stickers, t-shirts, floor decals, and larger-than-life map icons for Gap Inc. HQ offices around the world.