Chroma Design Collective Website

I worked closely with the team at Chroma Design collective to design and produce their gorgeous new website. Chroma is an interior design firm with the unique mission of creating art-centric spaces for their clients, as opposed to spaces that can be filled with art.

Because of this mission, we wanted art to be at the center of the web experience. As a foundational design element, we “framed” the site with a border containing their logo and navigation. The Chroma team also commissioned a painting containing their favorite pieces of furniture and art for the homepage, as well as painted tin-type portraits for their Bios.

The end result is a fully responsive website that functions beautifully on all devices. The blog is especially robust and full of beautiful posts thanks to the creativity of the Chroma team. I’m excited to see how the site continues to evolve and thrive as new content is added!

Images under construction—coming soon.