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Design Eye

Ode to Senz, the Best Umbrella Ever

It’s a rainy day here in San Francisco this morning, and I was really appreciating my brilliantly designed Senz umbrella as I splashed my way to work this morning. Read more »

Shop Talk

Squaring Off with SquareSpace

Ok, confession time. As recently as last fall, I thought of services like SquareSpace and Wix to be a threat to my livelihood as a designer. Maybe a little bit how Taxi companies are scared of Uber and Lyft. But unlike taxi drivers, I’ve decided to shift my perspective on the subject. Read more »

Field Trip

True Artisan: the Craft of Bookbinding

One of the best things about my job is that I get to work with so many interesting people in fields wildly different than my own. Whether digital or old-school analog, virtually every project requires the involvement of some other specialist who has perfected their craft. Read more »

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a graphic designer, problem solver, and innovative thinker. I like to create things and bring ideas to life.


I specialize in graphic design, brand identity, and communication design for businesses of all sizes. My clients include large global corporations and small local businesses. I have over 10 years of experience and bring a fresh perspective to every project, delivering work on time and in budget.

I like to think big and look on the bright side. I take stairs two at a time and strike when the iron is hot. I strongly dislike making or hearing excuses. I believe in honesty and good, quality work. I treat all people with love and respect. I travel as often as I can to gain inspiration and new perspectives.

I'm passionate about design. I love my clients and do my best with every project. I never stop learning or challenging myself.


I have a wide variety of skills, and I like to think of myself as a full-service mini agency. If I don’t know how to get something done myself, I turn to my professional network to find a way. I believe there’s a solution to every problem.

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Design is a collaborative process. It should also be fun. I work with my clients to create fresh ideas, together.


I work with a wide range of companies in a variety of industries. From websites to annual reports, I’ve helped my clients create memorable experiences for their audiences and customers. My past and current clients include:

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